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Push Pop Containers Featured in Better Homes and Gardens!

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The June 2014 edition of Better Homes and Gardens featured the Giarraffa Co Push Pop Containers using confetti in our containers.

We want thank the folks at Better Homes and Gardens for adding our online shop in the article.

Since this article came out, we have been asked by our customers to offer confetti as well so they can create Push Pop Confetti Poppers at home.

You asked, we listened and we launched our new product line under our newest brand "PopFetti"

We love the phone calls that come in with questions from our customers.

The most asked question regarding Confetti Push up Pops is,"Does confetti really Pop for your Push Pop Containers?"

We love answering this! Yes confetti really pops and fly's high when you use our containers.

The reason our push pop containers work so well with confetti is because our push up base fits snug in the tube and our lids snap on tight, creating an air pressure inside of our containers.

So, when you fill our push pop containers with confetti and snap the lid on, the air gets locked in. When you smack the stick with the palm of your hand, the air pressure pops the confetti out and it really fly's high into the sky!

Here is a fun video for you that demonstrates how our confetti pops using our push pop containers!

To view our selection of Push Pop Containers and our new line "PopFetti" Confetti

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