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Square Shape Push Up Cake Pop Containers with Screw in Stick and Base from Giarraffa Co.

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Announcing Our Patented Square Shape Push Up Pop Containers Dessert Pops™, Now With Our Amazing Screw in Stick and Base...

At Giarraffa Co., it is our mission to give our customers what they ask for. 

After launching our threaded screw in stick and base on our Round Shape Push up Cake Pop Containers in 2014, the response was off the charts.

With that kind of response and the raising of hands asking us to offer our threaded screw in stick and base on our beautiful Bull Nose Square Shape Push up Pop Cake Containers, we just had to give you what you want.

We love our customers and are focused on creating and delivering what you ask for.

If you are one of our newer customers, you may be wondering what all the hoopla is about over our push pop containers with our threaded stick and base.

We recognized, that many customers needed to streamline production in manufacturing high volumes of cake push up pops, gelato push up pops and other dessert push up pop treats. "You know, the kind of streamlining that saves time, space and money.

So we went into design mode to rethink how our stick and base could assist in better performance across the board for our customers.

The feedback we received when asking many of you what your wish list would look like concerning our push up pop containers, kept leading to the same wishes. 

In 2012,your first wish was for a taller lid so you could build higher embellishments when creating and decorating cake push pops and other push up pop desserts. DONE

In 2014,your next wish was to have the stick be more secure when attached so your customers and/or guests at your events and parties could pull product back down into the push up pop tube. DONE. 

The launch of our threaded screw in stick and base for your push up pop containers proved to be exactly what you asked for: )

That wish came back at us again on our Bull Nose Square Shape push up pop containers. DONE and DONE! :)

So what are the other benefits and awesomeness behind the screw in stick and base design on Giarraffa Co. Push Up Cake Pop Containers?

  • You can fill your push cake and dessert pop containers without having to have the stick inserted into the base. Because the stick is now attachable and detachable from the base, you can line up all of your containers on a sheet pan or work table and fill them with just the base in them. The stick can be attached at a later point in time.
  • Shipping frozen push up pop desserts to your customers has never been easier! By shipping your push cake pop desserts without the stick attached, you can now save time as well as money on your packaging and shipping costs. Why? because now your shipping boxes will be a smaller dimension and no wasted air space to create a risk of your product moving around during shipping. Of course you can choose to ship your push pops with the stick attached. One solution to keep your push pop desserts stable during shipping with the stick attached is our 12 hole paperboard stand.
  • Transporting your filled push up pops to larger events? Easy.. Weather you're a caterer or party diva, transporting your beautiful push up pop cake and desserts use to be a small challenge but now that obstacle has been removed. Simply line up your push pops on full sheet pans without the stick being attached and away you go!

When you arrive to your event, you can either display your push up pop desserts without the stick in them and let your guests attach the stick to the base or your team can attach them and place them in either our acrylic displays or paperboard trays for beautiful presentations.


Square Shape Push up Pop Dessert Pops™Containers Click The Link To Go Shopping:)

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