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Dessert Ideas

Tres Leches Cake Push Up

Tres Leches Cake Push Up Style!

Short on time and want a quick step to creating a Tres Leches Cake? We’ve got you covered. We originally wrote a post on Tres Leches cake in our cupcake blog on Push Pop Containers in 2011 and it seemed to go over really well with our readers.


Gingerbread Crunch Push Up Pop Cake!
Oh Yum! The Taste of Ginger and Spice Makes Every Holiday Push Up Cake Nice…

Here in the Giarraffa kitchen, I was pondering for new push pop cake ideas for the holidays. I thought a nice spice cake would be great with these little sugar gingerbread men for decorations on the top of the push [...]

Valentine’s Push Pop Cake Gift Tray Idea
Create this adorable Push Pop Cake gift tray for Valentine’s day and your customers or guests will Love you for it!

In our Valentine’s Day Push Pop Cake Idea 2015 post, we showed our Valentine Cake push up pops and how we made them. As promised, we created a beautiful gift tray with 12 [...]

Valentine Cake Push Pops With Video
Valentine Cake Push Pops for Valentines Day Push Up Pops Photo Shoot!

I was getting ready to create some fun Valentines Push Pop Cakes for a photo shoot and thought it would be fun to grab my smartphone and take pictures and video it for you all.

In this image I show all the fun [...]

Body Pops by Pure5 Featured Using Push Pop Containers
Push Pop Containers Filled With Body Butter?

We just had to feature this creative woman Jonnie Bradley and her Pure5 Brand of hand crafted personal care products when we learned what she was up to with our push pop containers.

Body Pops for Christmas.

Jonnie called in to ask about a recent order [...]

Christmas Cake Pops and Mini Cakes. Adorable New Idea
Christmas Cake Pops and Mini Cakes for Christmas have been enjoyed for years but now you can really take your Christmas cake pop ideas to the next level!

We created a new way to do Christmas cake pops and mini cakes that we think you and your little Santa helpers will love for Christmas this [...]

Avocado Ice Cream Push Pops with Coconut Milk and Pistachios
Avocado Ice Cream with Coconut Milk and Pistachio Nuts.

This wonderful recipe is rich and creamy with a bit of a crunch.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence wondering if Avocado Ice Cream is really as good as you read about, then it’s time to jump off with a leap of faith and give [...]

Snowman Push Pop Cake by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio
These Snowman Push up Pop Cakes are the cutest ones we have seen this year!

We found this great video on How to make the Snowman Push Pop Cake using our push pop containers. What we thought was extra cool about this idea is that the creator Jenn also used a pop cake with the [...]

Christmas Tree Push up Pop Cakes
These Christmas Tree Push up Pop Cakes are just so Adorable and Easy to make!

Christmas Tree Push up Pop Cakes

What you will need to make them:

Push Pop Containers. “Either the Round push pop containers or the Square push pop containers. Both look very cool with the Christmas Tree inside.” A stand. [...]

Festive Christmas Candy Push up Pops Idea for Gift Giving
Spread Some Holiday Cheer With Christmas Candy Filled Push Pop Containers!

Looking for some super quick, awesomely cool and really inexpensive gift ideas for Christmas?

We’ve got you covered.

Our Push Pop Containers aren’t just for Cake Push Pops and Ice Pops.

You can fill just about anything you dream up in them.