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Push Up Dessert Pops™ Containers

The Original “Dessert Pops™” Push up Cake and Dessert Containers…

Giarraffa Co. Push up Dessert Pops™ Containers are the number one choice of professionals in the food and dessert industry. Why? because our product is designed by professionals for professionals. Our Push Pop Containers are made of BPA FREE food safe pliable plastic and is used by professional cake decorators, chefs, ice cream and gelato shop owners and large bakery chains across the nation. We are passionate about our product and will always give you the very best in quality and price.

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You will see by scrolling down this page there are many case pack sizes available.

If you are just starting out, you may want to start with our 12 or 24 count case of push up Dessert Pop containers.

If you are a high volume user and would like a quote on our pallet pricing, please contact us directly.

We love that so many folks are calling our product by so many different names and still know exactly what they are referring to. We have heard it all...

Here are the lastest names we have been hearing you all call them:

  • Push Pop Containers
  • Push Up Pop Containers
  • Push It Up Pop Containers (This is new one that Betty Crocker's "Cake Pops, Cupcakes and More" Recipe Book is calling them.)
  • Cake push pops

We would love to hear if you have more fun names of your own!

The regular size push up Dessert Pop containers “Me”© will hold 2 mini cupcakes or 3.04 liquid fluid oz. and the half size mini version “Mini-Me”©, will hold 1 mini cupcake or 2.028 liquid fluid oz.


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